This is a little known philosophy that has endured. We've used it. Toyed with it, and nurtured it. It is now a powerful attitude. A seismic shift from the ordinary; "We can do anything" This has actually deleted words from our vocabulary; words that camouflage mediocrity, words that glam up ineptitude and words that live up to excuses. We're fresh, new and driven to tears by passion.

About Us

For years we've been toiling away and bringing ideas to life. Listening, learning and practising. Today, with our wide expertise garnered across geographies, we have set up shop in Kochi. And we're ready to launch publications that will change Kerala's knowedgescape.We are also well placed to help clients with events that will bring a breath of fresh air to Kerala's cluttered market.



Kerala is a region fast becoming known for its fantastic choice of eating out venues. All Over Again publishing in association with Kerala Tourism is pleased to bring out a first of its kind comprehensive guide; "Eating Out in Kerala 2014", that covers all popular restaurants in Kerala from Kochi to Trivandrum. "Eating out in Kerala 2014" welcomes the readers to a culinary tour and offers a comprehensive array of both new and established places to eat, making it easy to make the right choice for residents and tourists alike based on cuisine, preferences, location and type of restaurant

  • Bon Appetit | Eating Out in Kerala 2014

    All Over Again publishing in association with Kerala Tourism has launched a first of its kind comprehensive guide; "Eating Out in Kerala 2014", that covers over 500 popular restaurants in Kerala, from Kochi to Trivandrum.

Our Team

We are hands-on, sleeves-rolled up and ready to reach for the sky. A talented team of writers, designers, and good thinkers is what makes us special. Headed by Kiron , who comes with a wealth of publishing and event management experience, garnered across geographies, this never-say-die team is geared to live up to any expectation.


Leading, charting new courses. Over 15 years' experience garnered across geographies. Passionate and involved.


Topper from the Asian school of Journalism, Successful stints with The Hindu and Times of India. Avid reader. Mad writer.


Fresh out of college. Writer, designer & cool at anything digital. Coordinated efforts between all media touch points.


Design consultant. The man who was always there. From the germination of the idea to the final market-ready book.


Notch all night. Ok. Ok! This is a twist from a popular Bollywood movie and the original line is "natch all night." But hey, we believe we are a notch above the rest. So we'll Notch all night and every other, to bring a mind boggling international quality to everything that we do, unparalleled in this part of the world.

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